Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rabbi Weiss Chief Rabbi of Beth Din of Montreal visits Hebrew Academy

Earlier on today, Rav Weiss, the Chief Rabbi of the Beth Din of Montreal visited Hebrew Academy and was taken on a guided tour of the campus by the principle Rabbi Baruch Purton. During his visit, Rabbi Weiss addressed the student body from both the elementary and high school. In introducing Rav Weiss, Rabbi Purton mentioned that there are various communities in Montreal with their individual Rabbi's servicing their individual communities. Rabbi Weiss, said Rabbi Purton, is Montreal's Rabbi servicing all communities and has made himself available for each and every of the 100,000 strong Jewish Community of Montreal.

Rabbi Weiss in speaking to both elementary and high school mentioned that Pesach is a time where children are given the opportunity of asking questions. So too, said Rabbi Weiss, students should not be embarrassed or shy to question anything throughout the year regarding any topic in Judaism, and they should seek out the truth of what is behind each and every mitzvah.

The excitement that exuberated in the school during Rabbi Weiss' visit could be felt by all those attending. After the speeches students had opportunities to privately question Rabbi Weiss and receive his blessings for the future.

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