Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Drink with Caution this Purim

As is the case each and every year when Purim comes, although it is a Mitzvah to drink and be happy there is a limit as to how far one has to go when carrying out this Mitzvah. In recent years there have been numerous tragic accidents due to people driving under the influence as well as school children and Yeshiva boys over indulging thereby causing themselves medical harm. One can certainly have joy and enjoy the Simcha of Purim by having an additional LeChaim, but everything has its limits and it is our responsibility to act as true Torah Jews at all times, and not to act in a way which is unbecoming according to our Torah.

We are urging all Parents, Rabbi's, Educators, and Communal Leaders, to ensure that this Purim turns out to be a joyous one in the true sense of the word. Serving drinks to school children is irresponsible and not in the spirit of this beautiful YomTov. As it states in the Megillah, "And Mordechai left the King with clothes of Royalty", the way we act and the way we conduct ourselves is our dress code and is what the people out there see. This Purim whilst carrying out the Mitzvah, think twice about the importance of the Mitvah and the correct way to carry it out, thereby creating a sanctification of Hashem's name whilst ensuring that we are responsible for our actions.

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