Monday, March 24, 2008

Voice of the Vaad Hits Market in a few Days

The well known Voice of the Vaad Pesach magazine distributed by the Jewish community council of Montreal each and every Pesach will be available on the market in the next few days. This year, being that Erev Pesach falls on Shabbos, a whole section of this booklet deals with a step by step preparation to be carried out. With a comprehensive guide to Koshering, checking for chometz, set up of the seder, a Sefiras Haomer chart, and a cosmetic guide, as well as much more pertinent information, this voice of the Vaad issue is a step by step handbook for anyone preparing and celebrating Pesach this year. It is a must for any Jewish household. The Voice of the Vaad will be available at outlets, schools, synagogues, and through the Vaad offices as well. This is the only book of its kind and is also published together in French and Hebrew giving all consumers the opportunity of celebrating Pesach according to the letter of the Law.


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