Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fertility Clinic for Jewish community opens at the Royal Victoria

Thursday, the 15th of May, will be a day to be remembered in the history of the Montreal Jewish Community. The Royal Victoria fertility clinic has commenced operating a clinic which will serve the needs of those in the Jewish community who require their services. Special trained personnel in the community have been spending the last few months, training in the laboratory in the Royal Victoria, and have become familiar with the Halachic requirements required to operate in such a facility.

At a small ceremony with Doctors, and lab technicians in attendance, Dr. Holzer thanked all those involved in this operation. The head of the department, Dr. Tan as well as Dr. Nicky Dean, who is the chief embryologist were present. Dr. Tan gave moving words of thanks to Dr. Holzer and his entire team and thanked him for the harmonious way in which they work together in order to achieve their goals with the patients.

Thanks to a donation from the Donald Berman Foundation and the kind courtesy extended by Mr. David Muller, who attended the event, this clinic is able to get off the ground.

The Halachic procedures of this project will be controlled and governed by the Chief Rabbi of Montreal, Rabbi Yonason Binyamin Weiss, an expert in all areas of medicine, including fertility, and who all the doctors praised for his input and Halachic guidance throughout the entire process.

As put by Dr. Holzer at the beginning of the event, the motto of the clinic in the Royal Victoria is, ‘Let’s be fruitful and multiply.’

Rabbi Saul Emanuel mentioned in his words of thanks to all those involved, that it is our hope that through the fruits of all of the efforts of this clinic, they will be successful in assisting those in need.

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