Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rabbi Weiss Visits Academy Taryag - Arizal School

Fresh after a visit carried out at Hebrew Academy School. where Rabbi Weiss spoke to the student body, the Academy Taryag School, had the honor of hosting the chief Rabbi of the Beth Din during a short visit at their school situated on Bourret in Montreal, on Monday May the 5th.

During the visit Rabbi Weiss spoke to the children of the Taryag Academy and explained to them the importance of this period of the year - Sefirat Haomer, in which the 24,000 students of the great sage, Rabbi Akiva, died. Explaining the importance of the concept of Viahavta Lirayacha Kamocha, loving your friend as you love yourself, Rabbi Weiss encouraged the children to concentrate on their relationships between each other. Rabbi Weiss added that the children are the foundation for future generations and what they learn and study now will be a basis in the building of the next generation.

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