Friday, May 30, 2008

Shas Completed as Dirshu Montreal Celebrates!

Dirshu (meaning seek out or explain), the International Organization run by world renowned Philanthrapist and Asken, Reb Dovid Hofstadter, celebrated their completion of Shas, the entire Talmud, on Tuesday night for the first time in Montreal. Members of the community who spend nights learning various tractates with their partners and taking tests on a weekly or monthly basis gathered at this landmark event celebrated at the Don Berman Teacher Seminary of the Bais Yaakov. Members of the kollel paid tribute to their families for giving them the opportunity to further their studies, and a special tribute to Dovid Hofstadter for making learning of Torah all over the world exciting and rewarding.
Dovid Hofstadter was presented with a plaque for his selfless dedication and a new round of Talmud Learning has already commenced. The Montreal branch of Dirshu is run so efficiently by three well known dedicated individuals, Rabbi Boruch Abramowitz, Rabbi Shimon Moskowitz and Rabbi Yossi Abramchik, who spend nights ensuring those in the Kollel are taken care of.

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